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Forbidden Fruits, Sc.1: Blond Bitch Gets To Ride Fresh Uncut Dick To A Sticky Climax! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 29/March/2018
Duration: 27 minutes, 14 seconds
Comments: 25


With its glossy backdrop – which includes a rather impressive looking garden beyond the windows of the film-set – it’s hard not to get the feeling of quality in this torrid little escapade between Ron Negba and STAXUS newbie, Navon Raffi. That said, we’ve more than a sneaking suspicion that you won’t be admiring the view outside once Raffi approaches the camera, whips off his clothes and begins to play with that delightfully uncut shaft of his; teasing the skin for our crude entertainment and ensuring that his ramrod swells to maximum effect.

Indeed, any lingering sense of admiration for the setting will surely be eliminated totally once Negba appears in the fray; as the blond wonder jumps straight down into his new mate’s crotch and begins to slurp on every swollen inch that’s groaning out for attention. Unable to resist his own share of hard dick, Raffi promptly falls back onto the table so that the two lads can engage in a hot, sensuous session of 69-ing; which itself also presents the new lad with the opportunity to greedily rim Negba’s arsehole. And indeed, it’s Negba’s pucker that quickly becomes the centre of attention altogether; as the ever-insatiable slut takes the opportunity to plonk himself down on Raffi’s lap so that he can ride the fellow’s joystick for all he’s worth.

As always, there’s no half-hearted measures from this boy, as he takes every fucking inch that Raffi has to offer in a series of positions; finally culminating in him spewing for all he’s worth missionary-style. All of which gives the noob the grand opportunity to mark his arrival by creaming Negba’s face!

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Ron is so hot again! He is fucking himself on a bick cock and enjoying every moment. Love his face when he cums and ofc him watching up and waiting to get a load on his face. Navon is unbelievably good-looking too, but he could act a bit more natural in front of the camera, he seems a bit passive here...

R, 29/March/2018

Thank you, Staxus, for showing us that scene, which pairs the two most beautiful and attractive boys who appear to be working for Staxus at present. Navon Raffi is remarkably beautiful, and a wonderful addition to your stable of models. But a boy as pretty as Navon should be performing as a bottom, in my opinion, and not always as a top. Please train him to be versatile, and make scenes where Navon eats large loads of cum and/or takes loads in his beautiful ass. Ron Negba seems to be your finest bottom boy working for Staxus these days. I hope he grows out all of his long and floppy again. Please let your models grow out their sexy body hair, with no trimming or shaving. Well done, Staxus.

Professormarvel, 29/March/2018

Two cuties, good scene! Just don't like the hairy asses! Not hot at all.

bently, 29/March/2018

This a beautiful scene. These boys are so loving toward each other. I find it a real turn on. Yes, two of the sexiest boys around this moment. The rimming of Ron is so hot! Ron has such a beautiful sweet hole which looks ready to be rimmed and fucked. Navon is a great addition to your huge model selection and, yes, he would make a beautiful bottom boy. But this is a lovely scene and I wish I could give it 10 stars for the performance of these two beautiful boys. They get me so horny!

Ryan, 30/March/2018

A beautiful place well filmed. 2 cute models Navon haircut is a little weird but anyway five stars are deserved

Jerry, 30/March/2018

I watched this twice, just to be able to critique it properly, and this video is hot as fuck. Some, “fuck me baby!” chatter would have been cool and this one has a rather subtle fruit theme compared to the others. Otherwise, both Ron and Navon are super cute, but different types of guys. Both seem into it and into each other. I like how Navon was able to let Ron bring him off. Ron is really expressive and, “present.” Nice chemistry and a hot fuck. This one, “nails,” it with the fuck. Well done.

GaryHerbert, 01/April/2018

Brilliant. Both guys are gorgeous. Loved Navon's solo- so good to see his beautiful flaccid cock swell and grow to its full stature- wish we could see more pants off before full erection. Prefer untrimmed pubic hair but I'd give this 10 stars too.

CM, 17/April/2018

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